Francon corresponds to specific situations and the moods they evoke. An emphasis on setting instead of the seasonis key in the design exploration. With edition 03, Francon presents an edit of the lake house, tower, and cabin. A cabin is a place where time stands still. Often nestled in the depths of nature, a cabin is down to earth and attempts to be a part of the landscape. Nature!s territory is respected, and a cabin does not claim more ground than necessary. It symbolises humble origins, shown in its bare and honest construction. The material reflects what is locally abundant, free of any non-architectural flourishes, focusing instead on texture and tone. The Cabin line draws inspiration from the Friesland region. Comfortable, low-maintenance styles that embody the cabin lifestyle with quiet confidence. Workwear inspired with heavy top stitching, tool loops and accessible pockets, a modern woman's arsenal. A cabin is a place of intentional isolation, far from distraction and the bustle of city life. A cabin is a place to detach, recharge, and observe time.

Location: Private residence, Zeeland

Photography: Willemskantine
Styling: Jip Boxstart
Models: Anna van Dieren + Eeva Lioni
Hair & make-up: Laura Yard
Photography assistent: Ashley Röttjers