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by APN Code

Our lives play out to a backdrop of changing places – no two places are the same; each setting is a story of its own. The fact that fashion exists in seasons and collections is contradictory to the way we live. In a modern context, clothes are a means of expression, both of who we are and where we are going. The essence of this does not change four times a year. Rather than thinking in seasons, Francon is based on the notion of changing settings. They inform our intuition on what to wear; it is a dialogue between the visitor and the place.

Being in a metropolitan city feels different from being in the countryside. When standing in a skyscraper in New York City, we behave differently than we would in a Florentine palazzo. These nuances in perception and behaviour are the key themes in our design explorations.

The Lake House, Tower, Cabin, Palazzo and Chalet are the five editions that serve as the brand’s foundation. Each of these five lines is defined by the lifestyle, behaviour and culture of the archetype that lends its name to it. Francon aims to be a collection of permanence that evolves over time.