It’s Friday afternoon, "Do you know where my Sangre y Arena is?" could be the perfect one-liner for this dress with a playful twist. While obviously easy to dress up, it presents itself as put together with plenty of personality.


The Bombé bag's sleek, sturdy, elongated shape is made for maximum impact without being overdone. With its brilliant sheen of silver copper beads and dazzling red FR monogram, this bag will be your forever wingman. Drape it over your shoulder and walk through life's grand soirée.


As you stroll the streets of Bellagio, admiring villas by the shore, or hit a gallery opening in the vibrant streets of NYC, slip into the Como top with a sleek and straight silhouette. A perfect blend of structure and ease, featuring a softly padded round collar with two small metal snap buttons and an open slit at the back.