Francon is a womenswear label from Rotterdam whose aesthetic represents a modern, iterative approach to dressing, inspired by functional archetypes in timeless architecture.

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the notion of changing settings

Being in a metropolitan city feels different from being in the countryside. When standing in a skyscraper in New York City, we behave differently than we would in a Florentine palazzo. These nuances in perception and behaviour are the key themes in our design explorations. Rather than thinking in seasons, Francon is based on the notion of changing settings.

Archetype dressing


Existing between realities, the lake house usually comes in the form of a villa set on a private property on a lake. The expansiveness of both the lake and the plains around it contradicts the private spaces of the enclosed garden and the house itself. The tension between two seemingly opposing dichotomies disappears as we stand at the edge of the lake and feel its expansiveness as our own.

It is a place we can call home even though we are guests to nature. A space of discovery and relaxation, both familiar and new. There is a sense of liberal comfort in the lake house, a place free from strict rules and etiquette. It is where friends and family come together, where lively social gatherings interweave with moments of quiet contemplation. The lake house signifies the good life. One dresses accordingly.

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Zeeland Buttons

A tribute to the traditional jewelry from Zeeland. The Zeeland buttons are worn as a piece of jewelry through the collar of a blouse or dress. This piece consists of a chain that’s attached to the buttons and are inserted through the leafs of the collar, living the chain hanging across the collar spread.

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