With invisible boundaries that change our movement, actions and behaviour, a tower is a story of thresholds. It is an embodiment of a lifestyle in the city, one address merging countless units. From the streets, the facade is a veil which reveals glimpses of the secrets within. The Tower line draws inspiration from the city of Rotterdam. It has a history of movement traced in the migration across the Holland America line. It is from this history that surreal architecture pierces through the flat landscape. The Tower’s colour palette brings out the bright grey, reminiscent of the city's ephemeral reflections of glass and clouds. Moving from the street into a skyscraper, our behaviour changes from being engaged to being the observer. It is this constant shift that The Tower edition caters to, providing building blocks with which one can layer and adapt to the context with ease.

Location: Rotterdam

Photography: Chaumont & Zaerpour
Model: Elisa Nijman - Platform Agency
Hair & make-up: Suzanne Verberk - NCL Representation