Founded in 2021, Francon is a Rotterdam-based project that centers around the idea of contemporary dressing, drawing inspiration from architectural principles and thinking.

Francon corresponds to specific situations and the moods they evoke. An emphasis on setting as opposed to season is key in the design exploration. All individual pieces relate to certain architectural archetypes. Whether it's the practical luxury of the Tower, the effortless ease of the Lake House, or the festive exuberance of the Palazzo, each housing archetype embodies a distinct and pleasurable way of engaging with the world. Every garment is meticulously designed to suit specific occasions and evoke particular emotions, combining practical functionality with a distinctive elevated silhouette that is materialized using premium materials.

Photo credit: Elisa Nijman photographed in Rotterdam by Chaumont & Zaerpour

With each new edition, Francon introduces new patterns, gradually building a comprehensive library of styles that form the foundation of their collections. These pieces are meticulously crafted in reputable, family-owned factories located in Italy, Portugal, and Romania. The brand's commitment to quality is evident in the careful selection of the best materials, including organic and certified fabrics and yarns.

Francon detaches its development process from the conventional fashion industry timelines and boundaries, focusing on creating timeless pieces in limited capsules. The business model is constantly evolving to exemplify sustainable and ethical management, supporting local production, limited manufacturing, and responsible consumerism.

Francon is founded and run by creative director May Kaan and architect Kees Kaan. Their ongoing collaboration represents an interdisciplinary partnership that combines architecture and fashion.

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Photo credit: our house photographed by Fernando Guerra