Francon is a womenswear label founded in 2021, created as a continuous collaboration between creative director May Kaan and architect Kees Kaan.

The brand's aesthetic embodies a modern and iterative approach to dressing, inspired by architectural thinking. Francon is tailored to specific situations and the emotions they evoke, with each piece serving a practical purpose while maintaining a signature elevated silhouette crafted from exceptional materials. 


"Francon is one of those brands you can rely on for seriously stylish foundation pieces. When it comes to curating a contemporary capsule wardrobe full of elevated heroes, this brand has it all – great tailoring, directional knits, smart tops that work for the office and evenings out."


The brand is rooted in the Dutch tradition of functional and purposeful design and combines functional refinement with an architectural approach to design development. Francon’s five foundational lines are architectural archetypes: the Lake House, the Tower, the Cabin, the Chalet and the Palazzo. From the practical luxury of Chalet to the festive exuberance of Palazzo, each evokes and encapsulates a distinct and pleasurable way of being in the world.

New patterns are added each edition, creating a library of styles that form the building blocks of the collections. The pieces are made in one of the top-level family-owned factories in Italy, Portugal, and Romania. From a careful selection of high-quality materials, including headstock fabrics, organic cottons, and certified yarns.

Photo: Fernando Guerra