While waiting for the elevator, her fingertips brush against the soft faux fur fabric of her jacket, relishing its comforting texture. In the depths of her pockets, she discovers a small notepad, prompting a soft laugh of surprise. As she glances to the side, she notices someone observing her.The elevator doors open. 

While waiting, she catches a glance of herself in the window's reflection. Instinctively, she checks the metal button closures at the sleeves of her jacket, ensuring that everything is in place.

The bulky weight of this V-neck sleeveless vest adds charm to its cropped fitted shape. The ribbed neckline and armholes provide a polished finish, while the straight ribbed hem adds a clean and contemporary touch. Whether you choose to layer it over a contrasting top or let your imagination run wild with accessories.

Whether you're on the run to catch the metro, mingling with friends, or striking a pose for impromptu photoshoots, this jacket has got you covered.

The shaggy texture of this jacket adds a touch of freshness to its classic shape. And let's not forget about the "petite side pockets" - to keep your lipstick and small momentos close to you.